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The spinal decompression at Taylor Chiropractic has eliminated my lower back, hip and knee pain.  I have more energy and I am standing straighter than I ever have in my life!  Friends have told me that I am glowing - and I am because I no longer have pain!

-Glenda G.

My mother had been to several doctors over the past several years and after x-rays and MRI’s, it was determined she had no tendons left in her right shoulder, has arthritis and bone on bone.  She couldn’t lift her arm at all and was unable to do most daily tasks that we all take for granted, even trying to learn to eat with her left hand.  Even worse she was in constant pain.

I finally convinced my mother to see my chiropractor, Dr. Wade Taylor.  After one visit she had substantially more mobility.  After a couple visits and doing the exercises he gave her, she was able to eat and handle most normal tasks with her right arm and hand again.  For the first time in 15 years, she is back doing crafts that she had given up on ever being able to do again.  Even better, the pain is much less than it was and sometimes there is no pain at all.

Thank you Dr. Taylor, for giving my mother back a quality life!!!!

-Pam Borda

The only place I'll ever go ;) my kids love the entire staff. My daughter whose 11 gets a monthly massage and it's done wonders. My son is into parkour and with out Taylor he wouldn't be able to run as fast or jump as far. I recommend them to everyone.

-Jessey B.

Dr. Taylor is the best for chiropractic care. He listens to your concerns and answers all your questions. He's also very gentle with our kids and makes it a great experience.

-Kimberly D.


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